Erwan's Presentation
Le Bistro de Belzebuth
Le Bistro de Belzebuth - An animation by Billie Calmeau -
Original Soundtrack
The Peasants
The Peasants - A movie by DK Welchman and Hugh Welchman -
Alternative Soundtrack
Fantasy - Erwan Le Pape -
Original music
Inside my world
Inside my world - Erwan Le Pape -
A Soundtrack for the OST JAM 7 contest
Élégie pour quatuor à cordes
Élégie pour quatuor à cordes - Erwan le Pape -
Original Composition
SAHARA - An animation by MOPA -
Alternative Soundtrack
Vogue The Explorer
Vogue The Explorer - A video game by Mihai Morosanu -
Alternative Soundtrack
ERINYES - A video game by Gamagora -
Original Soundtrack
Le Champ de Roseaux
Le Champ de Roseaux - An animation by Jordane Cisse -
Original Soundtrack
Resistencia - A movie by F. Carolliny Sena and B. Soares Pereira -
Original Soundtrack
Tomorrows Day
Tomorrows Day - A video game by Brassart -
Original Soundtrack, Sound Design
35 Mai
35 Mai - An animation by Thibault Hazebroucq -
Original Soundtrack


Erwan Presenting Elegie Erwan With an Ngoni Erwan Playing Piano

Hi, I'm Erwan, a young composer based in Lyon and Rennes, France.

I studied music at the conservatory and college, and I'm currently pursuing a master's degree in music scoring, specializing in the creation of nuanced soundtracks for films, television, video games, and various multimedia platforms.

A pivotal chapter of my musical education was the three-year mentorship as a private student of Yves Krier, a contemporary composer and conductor. I acquired most of my skills in composition and orchestration from him.

While the piano remains my primary instrument, I can also play the guitar (both electric and acoustic), bass guitar, violin, and the ngoni. My musical influences range from neoclassical to contemporary music, with a particular affinity for orchestral arrangements. However, I'm not one to shy away from experimentation, often blending traditional orchestral elements with electronic sounds to create unique and dynamic compositions.


Piano, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Synthesizers
Composition, Theory, Harmony, Arrangement, Orchestration, Sound-Design.
I use DAWs such as Logic Pro, Sibelius, Fl Studio.
I work from my home studio.
Easily reachable.


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